Structural Design

Linea 5, Inc. provides structural design services at all stages of project development from feasibility assessment to construction. Our on-staff professionals provide structural engineering and design for our in-house design projects and also directly to clients for stand-alone structural projects or in conjunction with building systems modifications, renovations and improvements. The focus and expertise of Linea 5's structural capabilities is in structural modifications and additions to existing facilities. Specific services include the following:

  • Current condition assessment of structural systems and materials.
  • Inspection of structures for periodic certification required by code for indoor pool, facility roofs and exterior fire escapes. 
  • Assessment of structures to develop immediate and long term repair and maintenance programs. 
  • Evaluation of existing structures in association with adaptive reuse renovations for current code requirements.
  • Analysis and design of structural modifications to existing residential, institutional and recreational facilities. 
  • Analysis and design of structures to support mechanical and electrical equipment for new and existing buildings.
  • Design of structural systems for new buildings and additions to existing buildings. 
  • Equipment and architectural components analysis and connection design for code specified wind and seismic loads.
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