Ragon Institute

The Ragon Institute is a multi-disciplinary research organization which joins the talents of scientists from MGH, MIT and Harvard.  Located at 400 Tech Square in Cambridge, this new 61,000 sf facility provides the Institute with the modern research and administration space that supports their cutting edge research in immunology and development of an HIV/AIDS vaccine.

The new facility includes about 40,000 sf of new lab space designed by Linea 5, specialty spaces for flow cytometry and imaging, a 3,000 sf containment lab, a 4,000 sf vivarium, and a 160 seat state of the art auditorium.  In addition, there Linea 5 designed a new 3 story atrium with a unique custom crafted grand stair that was cut into the building.

Designed in collaboration and partnership with Associated Architect Paul Lukez Architecture.

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