Linea 5, Inc. offers programming services to a wide array of clients including medical institutions, research institutions, educational facilities, recreational facilities and private corporations.  Our unique programming process centers around an analytical methodology whereby we gather information from user groups using in person interviews, program questionnaires and on site observation.  This process allows us to address and understand what each department does, how it is organized, if there are any functionally distinct sub groups within the department and the relationship among those sub groups.  Through this exercise, we can determine square footage requirements for different staffing conditions in order to optimize the space needs of each department.

Thorough analysis informs the design and helps us determine the best use of space.  We can readily determine program adjacencies which make the most sense, percentages of public, private and staff spaces and actual area calculations for all departments and users.

Our goal in the programming phase is to quantify, in an architectural terms, a solution which addresses the clients unique programmatic requirements for their space.  The approach we take is to ask many questions and to question assumptions.  We strive to understand, to the best of our abilities, what it is each group in the organization does in order to develop a unified design that takes into account the needs of the institution, the department and the individual


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