Northeastern University College of Engineering Robotics Laboratory.

Linea 5 was retained by Northeastern University to renovate this 2,200 square feet space to accommodate the College of Engineering Robotics Lab. The lab occupies a former animal facility on the 4th floor of Richards Hall which was renovated to be a versatile space for collaborative and interdisciplinary research focused on robotic engineering.

The renovation includes a large open space that accommodates a student work area, robotics testing area and perimeter storage. Open ceilings expose duct work, lighting and sprinkler lines for a semi industrial look. Polished concrete floor, flexible wall storage and over the head wire connections allow for a work space mobility.

The adjacent Prototyping room is a shop type of environment with CNC manufacturing capabilities while the Manufacturing room provides a mechanically isolated space for working with solvents, parts spraying and soldering.

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