Northeastern University College of Engineering Classrooms

In the spirit of Northeastern University's "Science on Display" initiative, Linea 5 has renovated two classrooms which have the unique characteristic of operating as both lab and lecture spaces for the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.

Formerly divided in to 4 smaller classrooms, the revised layout provides two larger rooms with an arched desk layout.

The existing waffle slab construction of the building is exposed at both classrooms and ringed by an acoustical ceiling soffit. Spiral ductwork, lighting and sprinkler lines are exposed to view for a semi-industrial look. Painted sound absorbing panels are installed at the soffit wall to halp mediate acoustic reverberations. Carpeting is laid out to differentiate between desk work spaces and paths with solid tiles providing accents. 

12"x24" Armstrong VCT tiles were installed in the corridor in a linear pattern that reflects the painted sound absorbing panels used on the soffit walls. A storefront systems in the corridor and between classrooms allow visitors to connect with the outside.

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