Massachusetts General Hospital Founders Building Bridge & Portal

In 2005 MGH made a decision to construct a new clinical facility in the core of the campus, with the plan to demolish the older Vincent Burnham and Clinics Buildings.  Linea 5 was retained to design a major portion of the enabling work for this important project.

The project involved two major components – the first was to cut a new portal tractor trailer sized portal through the first two floors of the existing 10 story Founders building (one of the oldest on campus) to allow truck access to a new inner campus courtyard for the new building.  The second major component was the construction of a new bridge that connects the Founders Building to the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, as the MEEI uses MGH for emergency services and the connection was formally in the Clinics Building which was torn down as a part of the project.

Linea 5 was the architect for this work, and our in-house structural engineering staff conceptualized the structural intervention for the portal and truss concept for the bridge.  The bridge is a 3 dimensional sloping truss structure clad in glass.  The portal design included new limestone trim designed to complement the historic nature of the Founders Building.

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