Massachusetts General Hospital Radiology Bariatric CT Imaging In-Patient Treatment

This project was a phased renovation of three existing radiology exam rooms to accommodate state-of-the-art CT equipment.  The project included 1600 sq. ft. of space that was renovated within fully operational clinical suites.  Phasing was developed to limit lost exam space availability to only one room at any given time.

Two of the three rooms were conversions of existing x-ray rooms to CT interventional exam rooms used for specialized in-patient and research procedures requiring enlarged control room facilities to accommodate extended staffing associated with planned procedures.  The project included extensive rework of HVAC, electrical, shielding and medical gas systems and the addition of patient lift, fluoroscopy and injector systems.  All rooms were also fit-out to support future web-cast capability in anticipation of the rooms’ use for teaching procedures.


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