Master Planning

Linea 5, Inc. offers comprehensive facility master planning design services to a wide array of clients including educational and medical institutions and public redevelopment authorities.  Our direct experience ranges from campus planning for colleges and universities to institutional master planning for hospitals and research organizations.

We are experienced at preparing detailed assessments of existing facilities, a task that is increasingly requested by institutions to form the basis of the master planning process.

The success of our firm in this area derives from the expertise of our staff in assisting our clients to anticipate and manage change.  We work collaboratively with client groups to define the issues, to examine alternatives and to build consensus around mutually established priorities for future action.  Only with this information as a base can we develop a creative and comprehensive strategy to address short term needs as well as future growth and expansion.

At Linea 5 we are equally experienced in helping our clients work with municipal and other public bodies, including neighborhood and community groups, during the public review and approval process.  Our experience with developing strategies for corporate and institutional growth and development, coupled with our strengths in understanding and enhancing real estate value through creative planning, results in innovative yet pragmatic plans.


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