Historic Preservation 

Conservation of historic buildings is a process of understanding a building as originally conceived, not just in their architectural design, but also in their structural systems, their materials and their functional design. Linea 5's experience and understanding of historic structures, materials and systems provides a firm basis in the design approach for renovations and restoration of existing buildings. The application of this knowledge results in creative design approaches that work with and use the existing building's structure, materials and systems. This satisfies contemporary building use requirements and regulations while respecting the historic integrity of the original building. 

Our experience includes recreational, medical, education and residential uses. Linea 5 takes pride in the design of their renovation projects, where new design elements complement the existing architecture with contemporary design that is not a carbon copy of the historic style. We believe that compatible contemporary design for additions and renovations to existing buildings enriches the overall project and results in a completed project that respects the historic fabric of the original building. 

Robert Cotta, Linea 5, Inc.'s Vice President of Engineering, holds a Masters of Science degree in Historic Building Conservation from the University of Bath in England, and a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He specializes in assessment of historic materials in existing buildings with a goal of realizing the maximum potential of the existing building.

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