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Serving the Boston area for three decades, Linea 5, inc. Architects has earned a reputation as a design firm dedicated to excellence in three main areas - healthcare, life sciences, and recreational and community facilities.  Our design skills and our collaborative approach with the medical community combine to create designs that foster excellent medical care and the enhancement of the patient experience.  Our technical skills combined with our understanding and appreciation of the world of life sciences have resulted in state of the art research facilities that help research investigators to better do their jobs.  Our creative approach to the design of recreational and community facilities has resulted in bright, welcoming spaces that draw people in and support the healthy lifestyle goals of our clients.

We believe that there is no more successful project than one which meets the client’s definition of success, while at the same time creating a beautiful, enduring architectural design.  Our staff of design professionals is dedicated to these two main goals.  Principals and senior staff draw upon extensive and diversified experience in major projects not only in our special areas of expertise, but also in master planning, corporate headquarters, and the fine scale detailing of interiors.  We offer in house structural engineering, historic preservation and restoration design, and interior design services, all of which support our client base and the needs of our projects.

Through our experience and expertise, a high level of attention from senior staff, our appreciation of what defines success, and our attention to detail, we add real and creative value to each project.  We question assumptions and we challenge decisions.  We listen to and creatively interpret the client’s needs, and we excel at technically correct and accurate professional documents.

At Linea 5, inc., we strive to be the best.

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