Brigham & Women's Faulkner Hospital Masterplan

Linea 5 was retained to analyze the expanding needs and facility upgrades required throughout the Faulkner Hospital Campus.  Master Planning efforts included analyzing parking issues, Emergency Department location and ambulance drop off, demolition of a detached ambulatory building, reconfiguring departments within the main building, and off site department relocations.

Stacking diagrams, site plans and site sections were provided to better understand all the planning issues such as the ambulance drop off location in conflict with patient parking entrance. Proposed Department plans were provided for each floor to provide a better flow for patient and staff. Through this study and the use of area tabulations of each department led us to propose the relocation of the Emergency department, moving major department’s adjacencies and an addition to the existing building on both sides to increase usable space in the main hospital building. Phasing of renovation work was also studied with several diagrams.

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