Facility Assessment 

Successful building projects involve a thorough process of information gathering in which user needs, budgets, and project goals are documented.  Renovations require a critical fourth item: the review of existing conditions.  The staff of Linea 5, Inc. gathers and organizes information from original construction documents, subsequent renovations, and onsite inventories. Regulations are checked to determine development opportunities as well as current code violations.  All of this information is gathered, compiled in written, tabular, and photographic form to develop an analytical tool that can be used to evaluate properties for justification of capital expense in the funding process, and as a basis for the design process.  These are the critical steps:

  • Compile existing documentation
  • Field evaluations and research
  • Systems evaluation for condition, capacity, and expected life span., 
  • Code and regulation review
  • Accommodation studies to identify optimal building use
  • Capital expense justification 
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