Boston College Devlin Hall

Devlin Hall, a 1922 Gothic Revival building which frames one side of the main quadrangle, architecture in the Northeast, was the original science building at Boston College.  Linea 5 was retained to completely renovate and restore the entire 81,000 sf building.

The new program includes Visitor’s Center for Undergraduate Admissions, a 90-seat tiered Information Room, the 2 Story McMullen Museum, the entire Geology Department with labs, offices, and classrooms, and the Art Department on the top floor, in new sky lit space.  A 300 seat auditorium is the largest on the BC campus.

The project, which included the complete restoration of the facility’s limestone and pudding stone façade, new windows, was designed to complement and enhance the original Gothic Revival design style. Linea 5 made use of limestone pilasters which had been buried by prior renovations, salvaging and rebuilding them to frame the entry to the visitor center. New light fixtures were carefully selected to work with the design. A grand stair within the museum space offers an elegant curving transition between the two levels of the galleries.

A major rebuilding and re-framing of the roof created new mechanical space nestled between the main mansard roof planes.

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