Linea 5, Inc. is a full service architecture firm offering clients design solutions to their unique program needs.  Linea 5 has always practiced architecture with a strong user-centered design philosophy.  The firm has implemented the essential elements of the LEAN project approach so each project achieves, through the requirements and goals of the client, the best possible design solution meeting the program, the budget, and the schedule.

A Linea 5 project team is assembled from those experienced in planning, design, engineering, and construction.  Our practice’s focuses include both new construction and renovation for medical / clinical projects, life sciences design, and recreational / community facilities.  We offer our clients a solid experience base in LEED design, and we work with our clients to incorporate an appropriate level of LEED design features for each varying situation.  We offer professional services in LEED design as well as project certification.

Linea 5, inc also provides full furnishings and interior design services for a wide range of project sizes and types.  These services include conceptual design, documentation, bidding, and oversight of the installation. 

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